Kind Toys

Kind Toys

Santoys ST659 Continental Breakfast Set

£12.49 £7.99

Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Shape Sorting Clock / Wooden Clock with Num...

£18.99 £13.99

Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Colour Sorting Jigsaw Puzzle Board Game -Br...

£17.80 £13.90

Santoys - Wooden Toys - Food & Shop Role Play - Cash Register and ...

only £76.63

Wooden Toys Animal Easel Doodle Drawing Board Jigsaw Blackboard Toy Fo...

only £11.99

Ukamshop(TM)Baby Kid Musical Toys Xylophone Wisdom Development Wooden ...

only £5.94

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At we believe that toys should be primarily fun; but should also have an educational aspect “built-in”. Children are constantly learning new skills, and our carefully chosen selection of toys provide hours of fun and the opportunity to learn as they play as well.

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